Boys' Morning Out

by Max Linowski, 5th Grade, Cali Calmecac Language Academy

Everyone knows that Walk and Roll Wednesdays are good for the environment, good for our brains, and good for our parents’ wallets. However, that’s not why Wednesday have become my favorite day of the week…

I live on the other side of Windsor from Cali, so I can’t walk alone to school, and my parents don’t have enough time to walk with me. In order to participate in Walk and Roll Wednesdays, my parents take me to a friend’s house to walk. I get there really early, so I see him and his brother finishing up their blueberry and banana smoothies and their corn flakes with milk.. When they are done, we have about fifteen minutes to wach really cool shows until it’s time to go. This is a treat- not like at my house where every morning we have to watch booooooooooring news with my dad. It’s like boy paradise.

At last it’s time to leave, and my friend and I eagerly run out the door. When my friend’s dad and brother finally catch up, we start walking together. As we approach Starr Road, we run into one of my other friends. The rest of the way all of us talk about sports and tell each other corny jokes. Right as we get to school, the bell rings. My friends and I run to the school line, so we’re not late (we’re never late!). When our teachers arrive, we go up the stairs into the classroom and take our seats. First thing the teachers asks is “Who walked or rolled to school today?” We raise our hands (I’m always the first one!) and she counts them. There are usually about six, seven, eight, or nine people that walk or roll to school. After that the teacher asks one off us to bring the tally to the office. Every week I’m hoping that we’ll win the Walk N Roll trophy. We haven’t won yet, but someday…we will!