Every Foot Step Counts

by Lizbeth Castillo, 6th Grade, RL Stevens Elementary

I love Walk and Roll to School because it's time to have fun and time for everyone to get outside, so people can enjoy every step when they walk with their best buds. Walk and Roll isn't just for you to walk to school and get a cool prize, it's to really be aware of all the disasters that we as humans are causing to the earth; killing all the animals and plants around us with all the contamination that we are creating to the environment. It is time for humans to really think about it and do something to save our beautiful trees, fishes, and birds. Walking and riding a bicycle to school helps a lot of kids to move, exercise, breathe fresh air and talk with their friends all at once. Every single step counts to help to save the environment. I get to walk and roll with my friends and it sure is a blast of fun. Walk and Roll is playing a big part at Robert L. Stevens' school because it helps the school to have less traffic and the roads to be less crowded. Parents tend to drive their kids to school even though they are at a close distance from the school. However, watching other kids riding a bicycle or walking with friends encourages kids to ask their parents to walk instead of driving them to school. It also helps them to think of other sources they can use to get to school, for example, skate, or skateboard.

In conclusion, driving isn't the only way to get to school. There are many more cheaper and fun options such as, walk and roll. Let's go everyone do it so we can save money, have fun, and save the environment.