Preserving Nature's Beauty

by Violet Wang, 6th Grade, Meadow Elementary School

I stare out of my bedroom window at the long slender branches of the magnificent oak tree reaching toward the bright sky. A thin blanket of frost covered the grass leaving just sharp green tips peeking out. Today is the perfect day to walk to school, I thought. Outside, a bird sang it’s good morning song, bringing beautiful music to the neighborhood as if to agree with me. As soon as I steppe3d outside, I could feel my senses beginning to awaken. Closing my eyes, I felt the refreshing breeze whisper in my ear and tickle my cheeks. How amazing it was that I was able to start my day accompanied by nature with all its beauty and be helping the world at the same time. As I glanced down, a single blade of grass produced a sparkling diamond of dew that fell into the thirsty soil. I lingered for a while, mesmerized by it all. In the far distance, I heard the loud cawing of a crow; he seemed to be reminding me that I would soon be late for school. I scurried along , marveling at the puffs of white surrounded  by the canvas of sky. It seemed like a painting, so surreal and gorgeous. In the distance, I saw the faint outline of my school through the thin fog and walked a little slower. Suddenly, I saw a small ladybug perched on a leafy weed. It climbed to the top of the plant, preparing for its adventure through the world and then gracefully flew away. I was just like the ladybug, I have enjoyed the walk to school and now I was refreshed, ready, and happy to start my day. I’m just a kid, but by walking or rolling to school, I can help make a difference in the world. When you walk or roll to school you are helping to preserve nature’s beauty- keeping the air clean and rivers less polluted. Best of all you can have a great start to your day by enjoying the fascinating, beautiful nature God created for us.