Rollin' Nolan

by Nolan Hosbein, 5th Grade, Sonoma Mountain Charter School

Do you love riding your bike to school like I do? Riding your bike to school can be fun for many reasons. Maybe you like to ride your bike to school because you feel independent or maybe you have fun riding with your friends there. There are lots of reasons I love riding my bike to school.

One of the reasons I love riding my bike to school is because I feel independent. I’ve also earned the “trust” from my parents that I will be safe and responsible when I ride. Whenever I ride, I wear my RoadID, just in case something happens. I also like riding my bike because I feel free and fast. Sometimes I also really wish my mom would let me ride when it’s raining!

When I ride to school, my older sister, Grace, rides with me. Grace and I have been riding since I started fourth grade and she makes it a lot more exciting. Funny stuff always happens when we ride, for instance Grace crashed into a parked car once, luckily she was OK, but we couldn’t stop laughing! There is also a family of wild turkeys that entertains us when they are around. Next year I’ll really miss Grace because she has to go to school across town, At least I’ll still have the turkeys.

When my friend s saw me riding to and from school they decided to join in on the night ride home. Riding with a group makes it super- fun. We start our ride home with a competition to see who can get to the other side of the park first. We also do skids every and every once in a while in a (a lot)!           

Like I said earlier, there are lots of reasons I like riding to school. Too bad I could only write about a few of them. Even you know I have bucket loads of fun riding to school but it would be way more awesome riding on a new Trek mountain bike, SO CHOOSE ME!!!!!!