Walk and Roll

by Jaden Gragg, 4th grade, Monte Vista Elementary

My school does a program called Walk and Roll. We do walk and roll on the first Tuesday of every month. Some months are different. Walk and roll is when students from Monte Vista walk and roll to school. There are prizes too.

This is how Walk and Roll works. Students can walk four or more blocks to school. Students can also ride any set of wheels for four blocks or more, except cars or motorcycles. Some students like me get dropped off four blocks away and walk to school.

Once a student gets to school by walking or rolling they can get a small reward. The small reward could be a pencil or a small bike clip. They do an attendance to show who walked or rolled to school and who did not.

After the attendance is over we go to the assembly in the MU. At the assembly the principal announces the Paw awards. The principal also announces the Golden Sneaker award. The Golden Sneaker award goes to the class with the most students walking and rolling to school. The winning class gets new, small, cheap play ground balls. The Golden Sneaker award is a big Shaq size shoe. It is covered in gold paint, stars and flags sticking out of it. It is also sitting on a blue stand.

Walk and Roll is good for students because it's good exercise. Walk and Roll also helps stop pollution. It helps stop pollution because parents are not using cars. It also helps there be less traffic in school parking lots. Walk and Roll is a good school program that I like because students get exercise.