Walk and Roll

By Leslie Cruz, 6th Grade, Roseland Elementary School

I love to walk and roll because it's very fun to do and it's very good exercise. When you walk or roll or run a lot you can be very healtthy. If you walk or roll or run or exercise you will lose a lot of weight too. you may also have some family time if you do this with your family. If you do it with your family, you will know that they are very healthy and in very good shape.

Some people love to walk and roll like I do, but some people don't. There's many reasons like they're tired or they just dont want to, or for some other reason. Some people can't walk and roll to their school because it's far from where they live. I'm one of those people. But that doesn't mean that I don't like walking or rolling. But sometime's I don't have time to do it so I can't. But when I can I really enjoy it. Also when I can walk, I try to walk for a very long time so I can stay in shape and be very healthy.

My mom also likes to walk. Sometimes she goes with my aunts when I'm at school, so I can't go. My mom also goes with my little sister but my little sister doesn't like walking so she goes in a stroller. My mom usually likes going in the morning when she leaves us at school. My mom likes going so she stays in shape. All in all, walking and rolling is a great way to stay in shape and be with your family all at the same time.