The Walk Around Earth

by Cameron Heid, 6th Grade, Corona Creek Elementary School

There is a certain freedom to be outside and to walk down sidewalks, streets, or even dirt. It’s more than vitamin D it’s justice, it’s a opportunity to get out and go wherever you want. “I Love To Walk And Roll To School” because it’s a chance to exercise and feel the warm kiss of the sun instead of letting your parents waste gas, electricity, or more importantly time. I find that walking (or rolling) to school isn’t just a way to get healthy it can also be a way to socialize with your friends before school.

Mostly everyone walks a total of one hundred fifteen thousand miles in our lives, that is almost like walking four times around the world. Walking is an important part in everyone’s life, it’s a privilege that only some people are able to have.  Having this privilege is a burden but at the same time it’s an amazing experience that you can do in your own town, your own school, even your own house. In my house exercise and health is an important thing to us. The outdoors takes me and my family away from all the commotion in our house.

The Walk and Roll system for our school is important because it lets get all our energy out before school. This system provides a safe environment for us by having the crossing guards because I know that they will protect us, the children, from traffic, not going onto busy streets, and from drivers not looking at where they’re going. I also like this system because we can connect with the community and all our neighbors. Walking isn’t as easy as driving somewhere but that’s what I like about it, it’s a challenge. Walking or rolling to school is a choice not a demand and I would always pick this choice.