Demonstration for Our Nation

By Gabe Gonzalez, 6th Grade, Roseland Elementary School

Walking down the street

Then look down at my feet

It's Wednesday going to be a good day

Probably get a sticker or eraser today

Get time to play I will never be late

Get to the front of the school I feel great

Walk in see the stand

Get another eraser again

And while I was walking I saw an old man

He always tells me why do you walk it's not a command

I tell it feels good to walk in my hometown again

And then I tell him it isn't a story until I say the end

No matter what the weather is I walk any day

With the worst of all any day

Now I know what to say

Like MLK said we should be free today

Let me put on a demonstration

For what can be good for our nation

So we can all be happy

And we can never ever be walking sadly