Monte Vista Walk and Roll to School

by Kyla Mast, 4th Grade, Monte Vista Elementary School

I love Walk and Roll because it is fun, healthy, and gets your brain ready for learning early in the morning. A reason Walk and Roll is important to me is because when you drive your car it produces a lot of pollution and traffic in our community. This makes it a lot safer around the school grounds. When we are walking to school we walk on the sidewalk near our school. Sometimes it is cold and other times it is warm but it is worth it because we get prizes from our school. If you life farther away you can always drive your car closer to your school and walk from there. The times we Walk and Roll to School is about once a month. You can ride your bike, scooter, walk, skateboard, or rollerblade. You should always make sure you wear a helmet when you are rolling to school. Meanwhile you arrive at school and go to the front of the school to receive your prize from the table. When I come to the table many people I see walked or rolled to school. This makes me so happy and excited. Later that day my principal announces who won the award. Everyone in the MU is excited and joyful to hear the announcement. Another cool thing about Walk and Roll is that when your class has the most students that walked or rolled to school you get an award of the Golden Sneaker. The Golden Sneaker is a prize you get to keep in your classroom for a week. In addition to the Golden Sneaker award your class gets a mystery prize. In conclusion, on the days we Walk and roll to School all the kids are excited and pumpted to get on their bikes or walk to school.