Save the Earth

by Nick Peterson, 4th Grade, Monte Vista Elementary School

Walk and Roll to school just makes me so happy when I do it because the air is so amazingly fresh, and inside a vehicle you feel trapped somewhere not fresh at all! There are more reasons too. One reason is because of pollution. Pollution may make the clouds beautiful at sundown, but it still hurts the earth really bad. It's amazing how much pollution goes in the air just because of cars! Here is one example of how pollution is damaging: it hurts plant life. If you think about it, gas and smoke can make you sneeze or cough, but for a plant, it could die! If all the plants and trees die, we won't have fruit, veggies, wood, flowers and much more. Then, if there are no more flowers and plants, animals would become extinct, we wouldn't be healthy, and our world wouldn't be the same.

Here are some ways you can help: by walking, running, jogging, jumping, skipping, riding a bike, skateboard, scooter, skates or much more! Here's something for people who like to be creative: make up your own way to get to school! If you follow these ideas, you'd be a hero. There would be something in it for you too! It would exercise your brain, pump your heart rate and make you healthy! For my school, Monte Vista Elementary, that shouldn't be a problem. We get prizes like pencils, erasers and cool stuff! The class with the highest number of walkers or rollers gets the prize called the Golden Sneaker Award! That's not it though, sometimes you can get pedometers that come with the award! So, what do you say? Let's all team up and save the earth!