Walk and Roll

By Anahi Flores, 6th Grade, Roseland Elementary School

Walk and Roll is a program that we have every Wednesday. Walk and Roll is also when boys and girls either walk or ride their bike, scooter, or skateboards to school. And the class with the most kids that walked or rode their bike to school gets an award that is called the Golden Sneaker.

Walk and Roll is a really good way to exercise. It is a good way to exercise because you can be fit and you wont have to waste your parent's gas from the family car. Another rason that walking and riding a bike is a good exercise is because it is fun and you can get your blood pumping so you can get ready for a long day of learning.

More kids and schools should do Walk and Roll because it is better for the environment. It is good for the environment because if we didn't have cars we can save more money for the bills and for food. Another reason why walking or riding a bike is good is because you can be healthier and fit. Also because we won't have any more car accidents.

Walk and Roll is very important in many ways like the ways that I wrote in this essay. But there are many more reasons that walking and rolling is good for the world and our health. Also because if we didn't walk or ride bikes, we can get chunky and overweight and that is not good. And that is why we should start to love walking and rolling to school or anywhere else that we need to go to.