Walk and Roll is Awesome!!!

by Alberto Mariscal, 6th Grade, Roseland Elementary School

Walk and Roll is very fun and you could really get good energy. At Roseland Leadership Academy we exercise and build some muscles. When we walk and run at our school for our class we feel the pain, but it feels very good for running and doing some good exercise. We ran for turkeys and some Christmas trees. Also the teacher gave us money for camp and some beanie babies. When we were done we would show our posters that we made as our experience in the run and walk.

Walk and Roll is also important because if you don't exercise then how can you burn calories? If you're not in shape then that means you are not very healthy. Walk and Roll helps the community make a better place. Walk and Roll is very important because when more people start to walk then there is less pollution. The community is very important to us schools because they're the ones that help us the most to get our things. So we could learn, play, and help our school.

Walk and Roll is a very popular program in our school. We have to walk and roll because we gain lots of pounds. It is very important to walk and roll because without exercise you wouldn't have that much of a life. Exercising is very fun for me and for some people. Walk and roll is a very fun program for us kids. Walk and Roll rules!