Walking or Rolling to School

by Marcos Cardona, 6th Grade, Miwok Valley Language Academy

The reason that I want to walk or roll to school is so I can hear the birds chirping, watch the sunset, and it saves gasoline. The environment is important. If you walk to school it helps you exercise and it helps you save more money. We should help the environment and the things around us be a better place. So, each time I walk to school I pick up trash and anything that people leave behind.

I think that if we walk to school instead of driving, we could keep the environment really clean, awesome, and beautiful. When I walk to school I always meet new people on my way to school. I love it when I walk by myself because I can hear the different animal's sounds.

If we drive to school instead of walking it can cause a waste of gasoline, and it sends pollution into the air, and it makes birds, other flying things sick, and it can make the air bad. It is also important to walk because it can help your bones, muscles, and health maintenance. It improves psychological welfare and better academic performance. If every mom in the school drove them from home to school it limits the child's opportunities to interact with their neighborhood. If we replace car trips to school with walking or bicycling we can reduce congestion and air-pollution

Here is a walking fact: walking is by far the most popular in the United States for physical activity.