Walking to School

by Camilla Pereira, 5th Grade, Meadow Elementary School

The morning dew soaking into my feet

A slight breeze of cold air billowing around me

The little bird, I usually see is high up in a branch

Bicycles zoom past me, as if the wind is pushing them along

My thoughts gather together to make one

I ignore the sounds of cars on the road and focus on the sounds of the birds

As I walk to school time seems to slow

Fragrances that could only be cinnamon buns and flowers trail after me

I touch one of the flower petals, soft as silk

The morning sun smiles down at me hugging me with a new kind of warmth

I step on a leaf that has fallen off a tree and I hear the crunch I was expecting

The wind seems to pull at me from all directions whispering to me

I adjust my sweater and pull up my hood

My shoes are wet with the dew

The trees sway so rhythmically I can’t help but stare

The plants look as strong and healthy as a mighty rhinoceros

Leaves fall around me as I walk onward

I get to the end of a sidewalk and cross the busy street

The sign, Colombard, looms above me

A wave of disappointment washes over me, my walk is almost over

I see school ahead of me

I run the rest of the way with my backpack banging against my back

Tomorrow, I will be able to experience this again.