Walking to School is Really Cool!

by Emma Simon, 6th Grade, Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School

You should really walk to school,

Because it’s really fun and cool.

You can walk with a friend or a family member,

Walking to school is healthy January through December.

I really, really love to walk,

You should too- you may see a hawk!


Another cool thing is to ride your bike,

Or skateboard, scooter- even jump if you like.

You can ride in winter, fall, spring or summer,

If you don’t roll or walk you may be glummer.

It’s healthy, fun, and exercising,

It’s a lot of fun; it may be surprising.


Rolling and walking are both environmental,

If you don’t have a bike you, can use a rental.

Bikes are not releasing fossil fuels,

Which are released by cars and other tiools.

Walking and rolling are both great options,

But while crossing roads you must use cautions!