Walking to Waugh

by Tory Cain, 4th Grade, Meadow Elementary School

I like walking to school because I can walk and sometimes run to school with my friends, Will and Owen. Because I can run to school I get exercise, and we get to talk on the way since they are in fifth grade I don't see them around campus a lot. Also, if I walk or run to school, my mom or dad do not have to drive me, so there is no pollution. Pollution can hurt the environment which can hurt animals and humans. Plus, walking or running increases the oxygen flow to the brain which can make you mentally smarter. Walking or running to school, also gives you time to think about your day, but if you drive there you barely have any time to think about your day. By walking or running to school, you give the crossing guards a reason to be out there in the morning. It is nice that they are volunteering to protect us from cars and to make Meadow a safer and better school. They greet you with a heart warming smile and a "Good Morning." Running all the way instead of walking can make your leg muscles stronger, but if you walk it is still better than driving. Having strong leg muscles is good for sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, track and football. I have always walked to school. First I walked with my parents, next with my sister and our neighbor, and now with my friends.