Why I Like Walk and Roll

by Cameron Duran, 4th Grade, Monte Vista Elementary School
Today was a walk and roll to school day. A walk and roll to school day is when you walk or ride a bike, scooter, skateboard, or just about anything with wheels to school. The class with the most walkers or rollers gets the golden sneaker award. The golden sneaker is my teacher's friend's show and is a size 15! The big shoe is painted gold. My class has never won the golden sneaker.

Today I rolled to school on my bike. It was very cold, but I still like to ride my bike to school. I like to ride my bike because it saves the environment and it's fun. It takes me about 5 minutes to ride my bike to school. Riding a bike is good exercise and it makes your leg muscles strong. I also ride my bike after school when I finish my homework.

Sometimes I walk to school. Most of the time, I dribble my basketball when I walk to school. It takes me just about 10 minutes to walk to school. I really enjoy walking to school because I can find cool stuff. So far, I have found a skateboard wheel, tile art, and a key to someone's house. When I found the key, I knocked on all the doors of my cul de sac, but no one claimed it. Walking is also good for the environment.

Today I really enjoyed walk and roll because I got to ride my bike to school. Riding or walking to school is fun and good for the environment. I wish every day was a walk and roll to school day!